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Mfg Part Number: FQC-08190
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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OLP


Microsoft's Open License Program is called "Open", because it is open for anyone and everyone, as there are no restrictions on purchasing this product. You can be an individual, a small business, a large corporation, a non-profit, or even a government entity. Simply, there are no restrictions.

This item includes software, but it defaults as a download from Microsoft's website after your license is released. But, you can have media shipped to you, if you want. All media from licensing is a direct ship from Microsoft and can be ordered after your license is released.

IMPORTANT! Whatever information is in the "Shipping Fields" upon checkout will be the fields used for your license registration with Microsoft. If you are an IT professional and you are purchasing for a client of yours, please be sure to put your client's information in the shipping fields. ...and don't worry - we never contact our customer's clients for any reason. It is just for regisration purposes.

Once your order is placed with us, we will then register your order directly with Microsoft. Your license will be released to you in the form of an "Open License Order Confirmation", which is your official proof of ownership. This document includes your license authorization and agreement numbers, and a link to Microsoft's website where you can manage your license and/or download software and/or obtain your product keys for installation/activation.

Microsoft Part Number(s): FQC-08190

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OLP